Water for the senses


What is Sway

A simple solution to sugary, synthetic drinks. Real, organic fruit, infused with purified water resulting in a completely natural and refreshing beverage. Bottled right here in Austin, Texas.


Cucumber / Lime / Mint

Purified Water, Organic Cucumber, Organic Lime, Organic Mint

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Lemon / Ginger

Purified Water, Organic Lemon, Organic Orange, Organic Ginger

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Grapefruit / Basil

Purified Water, Organic Grapefruit, Organic Basil

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Rotating Flavors

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Fresh Organic Delicious

Our Process



We pick the freshest organic fruit available at the peak of ripeness, committed to supporting local agriculture as much as we are able.



Our water is purified to eliminate any chemicals and minerals that can affect the taste, keeping our water delicious and refreshing.



We infuse the fruit in our water for just the right amount of time to get the essence of the fruit. We do not add any syrups, chemicals or additives to our water.



Each bottle of Sway is bottled by hand without the use of machines. We also put positive words on the outside of the bottle to help put a little positive energy into the water.

Our Story

Our founders Albert & Sarah married in July of 2013 and headed to Canada for their honeymoon. As they wandered through Quebec City, they came upon a French bistro that served cucumber water. It was wonderfully refreshing and they stockpiled it in their water bottles for the rest of the trip. After they traveled back to Texas, they searched for something similar but there were simply no good options; so the idea for Sway was started.

Our Philosophy

“We believe that we can build a successful company while maintaining our core principles of sustainability and philanthropy and inspiring other companies to do the same.”

Albert & Sarah Swantner

Our inspiration is the belief that we can make a difference in the world, that our commitment to whole fruits rather than the ‘essence’ creates a wholly different beverage than what exists currently.
We believe in taking care of our environment, from partnering with the The Adventure Project to bring irrigation to developing countries, to our reusuable bottle program.

Our Commitment

For each bottle of Sway purchased, you will help a farmer irrigate one square foot of farmland in Kenya.

1 Sway Bottle Irrigates 1 SQ FT of Farmland

Photo by Esther Havens for The Adventure Project

We have partnered with The Adventure Project to help bring irrigation to farmers in Kenya. Irrigation helps make farm land more productive, reduces land clearing, and provides jobs and incomes to lift people out of poverty.

The Adventure Project Website

Where to Find Us

Thirsty? Get to the closest store near you. You can always get Sway delivered to your door.


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    Available in select middle and high schools in the Austin Independent School District!


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